Communications Audit


Sunley Communications are specialists in providing communication solutions for small, medium and large size enterprises. Our experience has taught us that no business has the exact same communication requirements, that’s why we offer a free and confidential communications audit before recommending a solution for your business.


  • Reduce IT capital expenditure and operational costs
  • Future-proof and scalable infrastructure
  • Eliminate waste and reduce inefficiencies
  • Simple billing and supply chain procedures
  • Streamline business processes
  • Flexible and less complex network to manage


  • Full analysis of your billing and call patterns
  • Suggestions on how billing can be simplified
  • Recommendations on changing tariff and/or carrier provider
  • Areas to reduce call charges and/or line rental
  • Summary of your specific requirements
  • Recommendations on how to achieve your communication goals

Our specialist consultants identify areas of cost saving and budget relocation to ultimately reduce your IT capital expenditure and operational costs. Our free and confidential communications audit can ensure your infrastructure is fully optimised to provide both a return on investment and a quality user experience.


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