Business Lines & Calls


We are able to provide the best possible business telephone line packages with complete resilience and quality of service at an extremely competitive price.

At Sunley we are able to provide the following range of line services:-

  • Analogue lines and services
  • ISDN2e lines and services
  • ISDN30e lines and services
  • SIP Trunks and services


Switching to Sunley is not only quick and stress-free, you’ll start saving money straight away.

We can provide you with low-cost, high-quality business phone lines. Transfer from BT today and you’ll save you at least 10% from your monthly line rental. We can transfer lines from all other leading telecoms providers just as easily.

You can be confident that switching to Sunley won’t cause any disruption to your business operations and your service will be uninterrupted. If you are transferring your phone line from another supplier then it’s also completely free to set everything up, whether you run your business from home or several offices.

We believe in providing all our customers with exceptional service and the very best business phone line options.

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