Information security



The data phenomenon has caused information security concern for all businesses and it’s become exceedingly challenging for IT departments to control data, whether held on personal devices, transmitted over public networks or stored on or off site.

IT departments often lack the time and resource to effectively manage privacy concerns, especially the aspect of separating personal information from business data and providing access for each. As well as cloud security concerns which prevented 56% of IT decision-makers adopting further cloud applications and services (Exponential-e).

As the inevitably growth in data continues the need for cloud storage and virtualisation is essential, but with budgets under intense scrutiny, making the right decisions to ensure your information is secure couldn’t be more imperative.



Our information security solution can ensure your data is completely protected as we establish robust processes to store, encrypt and back up your data. This means we can control who accesses your information, from where and how. We also design solutions from the network up to facilitate secure remote working without breaching regulatory compliance policies.




  • Robust network infrastructure which prevents access to unwanted sources
  • Secure remote access to business data without breaching regulations
  • Effectively manage the use of personal devices in working environment
  • Secure virtual infrastructure to host and run your cloud services

How we can help

Sunley Communications can assist with your information security concerns, whether you require IT managed services, cloud, virtualised PBX, hosted telephony or remote access to data from anywhere. We work as an extension of your IT department, to understand your regulatory compliance and privacy policies, to design and manage an information security solution that’s right for your business.


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