Hosted Phone System


The path to the cloud for business communications has never been clearer.

Today, it’s about delivering the capabilities you need—wherever, however you need them. And that’s exactly what uCloud does. It’s the pay-as-you-grow, cloud-based platform for all of your business communication needs. Cut hardware and I.T costs, Free up resources, Gain new efficiencies, Leverage flexible deployment and migration, And most of all, enjoy a host of capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Great reasons to choose uCloud Hosted Voice

uCloud Voice is super-useful across a range of tasks. You can talk to colleagues for free wherever they are using the cloud, redirect your calls when you’re out of the office and manage your calling features from any device, anywhere, using the online portal. It has more sophisticated call features like call recording, call centre, and audio and web conferencing that you can add for anybody who needs them.

Here’s a rundown of the top reasons we think it’s so attractive:
  • Manage calls more effectively
  • Be more productive; your people can receive and make calls when out of the office more easily
  • Control your costs by creating a bespoke package for each user
  • Get market-leading products you can trust with Mitel
  • Future-proof your business, scale up as you need to
  • Get peace of mind with our UK-based, dedicated Cloud Voice expert team
  • Manage your entire voice estate in a single solution


We can help

We can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your business. Our experienced in-house engineering team can then deploy your chosen solution, backed up by full staff training, so that you can achieve the best possible return on your investment.

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