Audio & Web Conferencing


Telephony services have evolved beyond the simple ability to hold a one-to-one conversation. Most businesses exploit audio conferencing functionality to allow multiple users to interact simultaneously.

Sunley provides a comprehensive suite of audio conferencing and web conferencing (screen sharing) applications that are designed to improve collaboration and information exchange between colleagues and also externally with customers, partners and suppliers. Individuals can work together in real-time to share ideas, plans, documents and schedules. Anything in fact that is required in order to accelerate productivity, regardless of the location.


Features and Benefits

  • Set up a scheduled conference or meeting, either as a one-off or a recurring event
  • Initiate an ad-hoc session ‘on the fly’ as required, with two or more participants
  • Share your desktop with a simple click, or share any content including presentations, software, graphics or data
  • Speed up problem resolution, to generate improved customer service levels
  • Enable the sharing of ideas and help distant colleagues to work as a team, for faster project completion
  • Reduce the physical cost of travel and accommodation, and minimise lost working hours
  • Build stronger relationships by connecting people easily, regardless of location


How can we Help

We can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your business. Our experienced in-house engineering team can then deploy your chosen solution, backed up by full staff training, so that you can achieve the best possible return on your investment.


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