Technical Support


Measure time resolution

We provide a professional, comprehensive and highly experienced technical support service, by measuring the time it takes to reach a resolution, not the time it takes to respond to your request. We always focus on the quality of the advice we give to you and not how quickly we can complete the request for you.


Prioritise mission critical issues

We prioritise and escalate mission critical issues and resolve over 90% of all technical support calls remotely, resulting in fast and effective support, which means you don’t need to spend unnecessary time dealing with an issue.


Experienced & qualified support

With our experienced team of project managers, field engineers and technical support staff we ensure your requirements are always identified and reached. With more than 100 years of combined experience in our engineering team and being manufacturer accredited and technical industry-wide qualified, we are equipped to deliver first rate service and support.


Customer focused

Our goal at Sunley Communications is provide you with communication products and services through a company committed to customer service, superb technical capabilities and continued adaptability to emerging technologies.


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If you have any technical queries please call us on 01992645040 or click here to send a message.

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