Traditional telephone systems enable feature rich Digital Integrated Cordless Telephony (DECT) to enhance mobility for individual workers, allowing them to communicate whilst away from the desk.  However, these networks can be tremendously expensive to implement and maintain, whilst being separated from the wireless network for data use.

We provide a wide range of mobility solutions that seamlessly combines the wired and wireless worlds for the user. Today’s workforce has a range of working styles and schedules that require the need to be mobile and not bound to the desk. Our enterprise mobility solutions liberate people to work anywhere, yet remain fully connected and collaborative.



  • Implement as an integrated PBX or Wireless Gateway leveraging an existing PBX and wireless data infrastructure
  • Access to 500+ features and applications so you can instantly benefit from such things as voicemail, speech recognition and call centre apps
  • Easily “twin” your desktop phone and your mobile so your staff will never be out of touch and can be contacted on one number regardless of location
  • A single network that supports both wired and wireless voice and data devices
  • Increase the availability of employees for customers and co-workers whilst minimising inefficiencies and avoiding voicemail tag
  • No airtime charges in conjunction with a voice capable wireless infrastructure effectively reducing any monthly on-going charges

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Sunley Communications is a technological integrator with the expertise to adopt the relevant products tailored to the specific needs of the customer’s working environment. Not only do we implement award-winning solutions that compliment your existing infrastructure and investments, you’ll have a single point of contact for all your business communication needs.


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